Photo of Ian Kamau by Bryan Brock

Luminato Festival Toronto presents Ian Kamau’s Loss, produced by The Theatre Centre.

Black Out Night

June 16, 2023

7:00pm: Red Carpet

8pm: Show

Tickets are available now, ranging from $15 to $80. Secure your spot today and be part of this remarkable event.

Black Out Night will feature:

The Red Carpet Experience - It wouldn’t be a Just Us Event without a red carpet. All guests will get the celebrity treatment. Red carpet photography will be provided by Kwasi Kyei of Ensiha Digital.

Red carpet photos will be posted on our facebook and emailed to attending guests on our mailing list, so be sure to stay connected through the links below

A Special Performance - A special live performance by transcendent songstress Shi Wisdom.

A Post-Show Talkback -We’ll be sitting down with the show’s creator Ian Kamau for a talkback session.

About Just Us Events

Felicia Christmas and Felix Cabrera, two visionary individuals, established Just Us Events in 2018. Inspired by their own unfortunate concert experiences, they embarked on a mission to create safe and inclusive spaces for Black audiences to immerse themselves in the beauty of Black art, joy, and community.

Since its inception, Just Us Events has become a beacon for curated experiences tailored exclusively for Black individuals. Felicia and Felix have successfully organized numerous private screenings and meet-ups, leaving a lasting impact on attendees. One of their most remarkable achievements was the two-day premiere of "Wakanda Forever," hosted over 2-days in six theaters across two locations. This groundbreaking event attracted hundreds of Black attendees, who showed up adorned in vibrant cosplay and cultural attire, celebrating their shared heritage.

At Just Us Events, the commitment to delivering an unforgettable experience is unwavering. Each event features a red carpet affair and something extra to enhance the overall atmosphere. Whether it's showcasing the exceptional content of local filmmakers, captivating live performances, or highlighting the accomplishments of Black-owned businesses, Just Us Events ensures that every detail contributes to making attendees feel welcome, seen, and valued.

As an ever-evolving organization, Just Us Events continues to curate unique and immersive experiences, placing the Black audience at the center. Through their dedication, Felicia and Felix strive to foster an environment where Black individuals can truly belong, celebrating their culture and forging meaningful connections within their community.